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Ner Tur Single Cooler

Army Green

21x31x13 cm

+ Fit Spectra s9+ 
+ Fit standing Spectra’s Breastshield with bottle
+ Fit 8-10 bottles
+ 2 front and back pocket
+ YKK Puller and Zipper
+ Material : Cordura 
Overall max weight able to carry = 3kg

Bag only 500gr
Bag with Ice Gel 1000 gr

1 Ice Gel 500 gr
1 Set long strap


NerTur Midi Cooler⁣⁣


+ Material:⁣
Outside: Cordura Nylon and Cordura Canvas (Light yet strong perfectly suits Daily Diaper Bag)⁣
Inside: Bright colour Inner Lining (ease searching item in the bag process)⁣
Cooler Bag: Thermal Fabric and anti leak Heat Seal.

+ Colour:
Dark Grey
Army Green
Forest Green

+ Measurement
+ Usage capacity 18L⁣
+ Maximum weight 5.5 kg⁣
+ Bag weight only 500 g⁣
+ Bag with ice pack weight 1 kg⁣

+ 1 front compartment pocket
+ 1 back compartment pocket
+ 2 side compartment pocket
+ 4 compartment on dry part⁣⁣
+ Zipper and Puller : YKK⁣
+ Fit 6-8 bottles
+ Fit Spectra s1+ / s2+⁣
+ Fit standing spectra breastshield with bottles
+ Cooler Bag last cold more than 12 hours

1 Ice Gel 500 gr⁣
2 Stroller Clip⁣


NerTur Midi Diaper


+ Material: 
Outer: Cordura Nylon and Cordura Canvas (Light and strong suits Daily Diaper Bag)
Inside: Bright colour’s inner Lining (to ease search goods in the bag process)

+ Design fit casual or formal
+ Measurement (in cm)
 L x W x H
  32 x 16 x 35 
+ Capacity 18 L
+ Maximum weight can carry 5.5kg
+ Weight for bag 400gr

+ Main compartment : 6 divider pocket
+ Side compartment : 2 Thermal pocket
+ Back compartment :  Suits to kept clinic book/ Handphone/ Purse
+ Front compartment : Access for wet and dry tissue
+ Luggage Slot
+ Stroller Hook
+ Comfortable shoulder strap


NerTur All Day ll

• Bnk top and bottom compartment can be either detachable, or can open zip in the middle to make it as one whole big bag!
• pssttt if detached, you can wear the bottom cooler as sling bag! FREE sling , and FREE stroller hook!
• FREE 500g icepack as well
• one icepack can cold 8-12 hours
• cooler is so spacious and tall in height that you can even store your pump flange upside
• top comparment spacious
• many compartment outside
• comes with anti leak cooler so if milk is spilled its very easy to clean and it wont make ur bag smelly


Nertur All Day Pro

• comes with laptop slot up to 15inch
• removable cooler from bag. The additional dry part part storage (when cooler is removed) can be used to store other items
• the separate cooler has handcarry
• material very lightweight
• spacious cooler and dry part
• free *one* icepack
• free stroller clip
• can connect upper and lower compartment 
• material: 
Black n light grey: cordura nylon
Other color: cordura canvas
• measurement:
• comes with 6 side pockets
32 x 17 x (42-52) cm

Cooler Bag 
27 x 16 x 15 cm


Nertur Tother ll

Latest improved nertur tother, with more compartments!
• cooler and diaper — cooler at the bottom, dry part at top compartment
• cooler has sufficient space to store breastpump flange and bottles
• anti leak cooler
• with 2 icepack can cold up to 20 hrs *WE GIVE 1 FREE ICEPACK*
• with rolltop features, u can store more items if required at upper compartment
• four colors